The basic functions of an accumulator are maintaining continuous pressure, filling up the working fluid and protecting sensitive components from pressure changes.

We offer membrane accumulators and bladder accumulators. With a simple construction they are durable and reliable, and their service is intuitive.

Accumulators’ role is also to keep the pressure in the hydraulic system when the life of the operator is threatened e.g. when the machine is out of power. Accumulators come useful in industry, fire fighting vehicles, trucks, forestry, construction and agriculture machines and many more sectors where the safety of the staff is crucial.

We offer accumulators of capacities varying from 0,13 l to 4,0 l.

Please contact us to select the appropriate accumulator for your application.

Models HA05L
Capacity 0.5 l
Max. filling pressure 150 bar
Inside thread M 18 x 1,5
Oil intlet ½”

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