Hydraulic Motors
A hydraulic motor performs the opposite function as a hydraulic pump. It converts the pressure of the working fluid into torque and rotation that are ready to power equipment such as agricultural machinery or compressors.
We offer PRESKO gerotor type (orbital type) motors that are typically low-speed and high torque. Advantages: displacement from 25 to 400 cm3, high starting torque and smooth operation right after start-up, simple installation and long service life. Our motors can replace BMR, OMR, SMR, SMS, OMZT, OMST, ALSG, OMZS, OMSS, BMS motors.

Steering Units
A hydraulic steering unit was invented by Danfoss in the 1980s. Now there are many types and many producers of the device, used as a component of power steering system in excavators, loaders, cranes, agriculture tractors and harvesters.
We offer PRESKO steering units OSPC ON type. Most customers buy them to build their own power steering system for their old machines, that did not have it installed originally. The steering unit assembly is simple enough to be done on one’s own.
Steering unit OSPC ON by PRESKO is universal. It fits most old type tractors as e.g. Massey Fergusson, MTZ, Zetor lub New Holland or Ursus. It is appreciated for the price-quality relationship (less than 1% of complaints for many thousands pieces sold so far) and its durability.

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